Centre for Pastoralist Empowerment and Resilience Initiatives (CEPARI)

Empowering Northern Kenya's Pastoralist Communities

Join us in building resilience, facilitating sustainable livelihoods, and championing empowerment in the face of climate change and natural disasters. 


We are committed to enhancing the resilience and livelihoods of Northern Kenya's pastoralist communities

We are a dedicated NGO committed to diversifying opportunities, improving access to resources, and empowering women, youth, and the girl child from Northern Kenya. We work collaboratively with local partners to mitigate the impacts of climate change and natural disasters, promote sustainable development, and champion social equity in these underserved regions.

Focus Areas

We embrace a a holistic approach towards building resilience and promoting sustainable development in Northern Kenya’s pastoralist communities.


Climate Resilience​

We are developing and implementing strategies to help pastoralist communities adapt to climate change and mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

Women, Youth, and Girl Child Empowerment

We seek to promote education, employment, and social and economic empowerment of women, the girl child, and youth within pastoralist communities.

Food Security

We are increasing the availability of diversified livelihood opportunities to reduce food insecurity among pastoralist communities. 

Livestock Production and Markets

We are enhancing livestock production and facilitating better market access, including support for livestock emergency offtake during crises. 

Water and Sanitation

We seek to improve access to clean water and sanitation facilities for both human and livestock use, which is essential for livelihood development.

Emergency Response and Humanitarian Assistance

We seek to provide timely and efficient responses to humanitarian crises triggered by drought and other natural disasters, thereby protecting the livelihoods and well-being of pastoralist communities.